2 Person couples & small families of 4 People or Less!

Edgewater Condominiums - General Rules for all Units

Occupancy – All guests (12 or older) must have an official Edgewater Guest Pass when entering the property or using the facilities.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult with the appropriate ID.  Edgewater 302 is limited at all times to the specific registered guests listed by name on the rental agreement – Please see our specific rental agreement for occupancy rules.     

Visitors, Gatherings or Parties -The Rental Agreement limits the people allowed in our condo(Unit 302) at all times of the day to those specifically listed by name.  We do not allow additional visitors, gatherings or parties in our condo or on the Edgewater premises.  The restriction allows us to keep the condo in excellent condition, pass a better price along to our guests, and keep from having to charge an additional damage deposit.  We may, at times, make reasonable exceptions for limited visitors and time periods but we will not allow any exceptions that exceed the HOA total occupancy limit of 6.  All exceptions require written approval in advance and are at the sole discretion of the Edgewater 302 owners.  Common areas and amenities of the complex are restricted to unit owners and their registered guests.  The beach is public and not restricted.  Outside visitors (those not staying at Edgewater) should not be allowed onto the grounds without express permission of the owners.  Groups from other units at Edgewater may congregate in the common areas or at the beach but are not permitted inside unit 302.  We typically do not rent to groups who are part of a larger group renting another condo at Edgewater condominiums.  Cardholder agrees to allow this card to be charged an additional $100.00 per person per day for unauthorized visitors. Other units in the complex should not exceed 6people/2BR or 8people/3BR.   

Parking - All owners and guests are required to display an Edgewater parking permit on all vehicles/boats.  Boats are not allowed inside the gated parking area-use wood blocks to keep from damaging pavement.  Motorcycles must be parked in a space.

Courtesy - Quiet hours are strictly enforced from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM including common areas, balconies, TVs and Stereos inside of units, etc.  At other times of the day please use courtesy with respect to noise levels inside and outside your unit. 

Maintenance - Leaks or overflows must be stopped or reported immediately.  You will be held responsible for any flooding of your unit, neighboring units, and common areas.  Catastrophic mechanical system failures excluded.

Trash – Please pick up your trash and place in the trash containers provided.  All trash from your unit is to be placed in plastic bags and delivered directly to dumpster.  Do not leave trash bags in halls, walkways, or other common areas.

Balconies – Do not feed seagulls from balconies because this causes a terrible mess below.  Do not hang towels or swimsuits over balcony rails.  Do not throw/drop objects from balcony.  All balcony furnishings must be rust proof (plastic or aluminum) and color fast.  Do not use the balcony area for storage. 

Common Areas,  Pool Area, & Tennis Court

Pool – The pool and Jacuzzi area closes promptly at 10:30PM.  Please observe all posted pool rules.  NO glass containers are permitted in the pool or hot tub area.  Appropriate swim attire is required regardless of age.  Do not throw debris into the pool. 

Sand/Tar/Trash in Pool Area – Help us keep our pool area clean.  When entering from the beach please remove sand and tar using showers and tar remover.  Please pick up and throw away any trash.  

Common Area Tables and Chairs - Please clean up your trash and return the chairs to their original positions.  Do not take any common area chairs to the beach or remove from deck areas.

Gas/Charcoal Grills – These may not be used in common areas but are permitted on private balconies. 

Tennis Court – The tennis court closes promptly at 10:30PM.  Use is for playing tennis only.  Proper clothing/shoes required. 

Children – Adults please watch your children.  Please caution your children there is No running, rollerblading, skateboarding, bicycle riding, or rough-play allowed in the common areas of the property.  Please do not allow children to misuse the elevator, pull fire alarms, throw debris or chairs into the pool, throw anything off the balcony or ride and play in the grocery carts.  This building is not sound proof, when children run or rough house inside a unit it can be heard below, please take children to the beach to run and exercise.   

Pets – Guests are not allowed to have pets.  Owners must have pet on a leash at all times and must clean up after pet.

Grocery Carts – Grocery carts are to be returned immediately to the first floor by the elevator after use. 

No fireworks, B-B guns or firearms permitted.                                                                                                                               

Notice to All Guests Staying at Edgewater Condominiums:  This form is required by our HOA to be signed by all guests.  By signing this you agree to abide by the terms and follow the rules and regulations of the homeowner’s association and property owner.  The owner (Burch) reserves the right to enter and inspect the condominium at any time or to refuse service if necessary.  The owner or Property Management Co. is not responsible for loss of any items, accidents or injury to guests.  Edgewater rents to family groups only.  No vacationing students (Spring Breakers) or unmarried groups (under 25) will be allowed unless accompanied by parents or prior approval and special arrangements have been made.  No house parties (large parties with unauthorized street guests) are allowed.  Reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all rental monies and deposits and eviction.  Willful destruction of the common property or violation of the rules and regulations will result in a minimum fine of $100 (plus damages) to be assessed against the guest responsible for the person or persons involved.  Property Owner:  Peter and Jodi Burch – 303-***-**** (Peter cell) or 956-***-**** (# that reaches us in CO) or 303-***-****.  To Report Security Concerns/Disturbances please call Cynthia Garcia/Furcron Property Mgmt/956-***-**** & also call Andrew w/Coastal Security/956-***-****.  Please leave a message.



Unit # 302                Bedrooms: 2 (second BR locked off for 2 person couple)      Maximum Occupancy: No more than 4 people


Number of Adults:                 Number of Children:                Ages of Children:                 # of Guest Cards Issued:   



Please list all Guests’ Names (printed)                                                                                                                      



Guest Signature                                                                          Date


Our property management company asks that guests sign this form indicating they have read and will follow the condo rules.


Sorry, our building does not  rent to College Age Spring Breakers.  Please note:  Edgewater rents to couples & family groups only and does not allow young vacationing students or unmarried groups under the ages of 25 years unless accompanied by a parent.  



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